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the irish art warrior art gallery shop

buy securely online in our art gallery shop.  We accept both credit and debit cards, plus we have the option of PayPal. 

If you wish to take advantage of our affordable art pricing plan simply choose your piece of art, from the shop below,  & email Aoife here  and she will arrange the art sale and shipping for you.  

Head over to the affordable art page here sign up to the pricing plan that corresponds to the price of your painting and you're good to go. We require an inital deposit of 30%  then there will be 11 monthly payments at 0% interest.

The payment scheme is managed by us, not through some creadit agency platform, so we can afford to set this at 0% and ensure that all our art works are affordable art! beautiful! 

if you'd like further details of our GDPR/privacy policy/terms & conditions/security head over to our privacy page here for full details 

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