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I lived in Egypt for five years. It was where I felt my third eye opening and where I co-created my first book. The history, people and sensory access elevated my purpose for creating and sharing. I had my third art exhibition there in an old warehouse with raw back to brick walls. Egypt is a collision of confused historical world order. It toys with ones senses and ones perceived sense of logic. The sound of prayer, an ongoing reminder of its rich tethered calling. The paintings in this album celebrate so much of what I observed but never judged. Ten large canvases spawn a sub album which explore many of the historical and social legacies of its vast culture. 


"my path survives

flourishing silently shaded.

my function not of healing,

nor of severe cooking of sorts.

my smoke signifies hope,

as my adopted mother Nile

signals and guides me;

hardened lines

aggressively stances"


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