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The Tribal Gathering


It’s taken a lifetime to get to a moment to launch our first newsletter together and to announce the simultaneous launching of Irishartwarrior and Celticpoetbooks websites. It’s been a gathering of tribal materials from different periods of my life throughout the world. Two words describe what my goal is for us moving forward; Echoed Flow. Welcome to our birth and to affordable art for all and let the art of creative acquisitions begin.

Our mission is that affordable art is available to all, which is why we have created our pricing plans to revolutionise buying art. An initial 30% deposit is required, followed by 11 monthly interest free payments. This is not a 'lay by' interest loaded purchasing method ...just a simple interest only option of accessing original art. Check out the affordable art payment plans here.

I've been busy crafting up some apt words to describe the journey and to chart the progress, on this path of creativity and actualisation.

Read more on my blog page

Hear more about the collection of vintage pieces that I have collected from around the world and that I use in my art work to creact my signature

I also describe my connection with poetry as an art form and release, which has led to the creation and development of my new website Celtic Poet Books

Our Irish sister site features a range of books including hard copies, soft copies and downloadable eBooks, creating a unique range of gifts or just personal bedside cabinet decor! Check out our book store here

My first blog takes you with me on the day that was spent having a curated photo shoot to use for the website ... a fun day resulting in some amazing shots and video cuts. Read about the photo shoot here

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