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Intention of intentions

“The intention of intentions is always to honor our future intentions. Does that sound like too many intentions to you?”

The last couple of months since launching my two new websites have been fascinating to say the least; as an outsider looking into myself.

One forgets that it is a start-up with all the joy and confusion implied therein.!

However, the feedback from you all has been very positive and thank you for all the comments, notes and purchases!

The simple idea for site was to create a community of like minded art warriors, who could appreciate a diversity of art and promote an affordable art plan, for people to acquire the art up front and to pay for it in installments in the back end, interest free over 12 months. You like this idea.

I have been busy as well creating and visioning new ideas with a special Valentine’s Day paint idea that we will launch in the next 10 days; featuring smaller and more affordable pieces.

On an even more personal basis I took some time off in December to disappear for 8 days on an alternative spiritual retreat to an amazing zen space called Malinalco which is 2 hours south of Mexico city. Mixing various Orient and Occidental modalities; I was allowed to gain insights into my past that was both insightful and frightening, all at once. What it assured me was that to gain control of your future potential you need to heal your fraught past.

More on that in future blogs over this coming year.

I feel hopeful and that this New Year is one in which, each of us must be driving more possibilities of change; to look in the mirror and appreciate our strange and eventful history thus far, that is reflected outwards.

The best has yet to come! and together we can explore the realms of words and images with childlike awe. What other way would you ever want to explore our shared new realm together?

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