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Camera ...action ...roll!

“Having your paintings photographed has a proctologist visit feeling. Cold light assessment by someone else to get the real colors and meaning at the same time is a soft judgment...regardless.”

Dear Fellow Art Warrior

Allow me to take you on an art journey spanning Egypt, Norway, London, Bali and Mexico. Bringing all ones paintings together and having them professionally photographed and videoed is very invasive and liberating at the same time.

A membership of a painting club with only I as the sole member. So easy to establish a quorum yet so difficult to get agreement.

When I started to paint in Cairo it was a wild exorcism. I almost burned down our apartment with an adhesive burning technique which scorches the painting and creates micro pock holes on the canvas. The bi-products are toxic fumes, not suitable for pregnant mothers. Caitlin is now 17 years young and doing fine.

So many more stories to share from the past and to co-create for the future. That’s the purpose of our engaged art warrior community. Welcome on board.

No idea where the exact end destination is but I know it will be worth the journey. Thom Yorke might even be there; in spirit at least.

Welcome to the voluntary Irish Art Warrior journey.

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