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“My table has brought together the pieces of art I have collected on my journeys around the world and from whence I have dwelled. Never knowing its end purpose, but secure in the knowledge that it’s adoption was meant for me and eventually you in future Art Warrior creations”

The wild thing dear fellow warrior is that I have been blogging internally for decades without realising there was an external audience to partake in my banquet of possibilities; outside of me. Inside voices loud enough can make a quorum for future possibilities.

I have always collected stuff everywhere throughout my life. It was less of a hobby and more of a calling without an end game.

I remember going to Havana for the first time, and being 'signaled'

that I was going to get some original posters of the Castro revolution period. I went through a wild journey to sit on the floor of a two bedroom apartment (one bedroom designated to Cuban posters) and be educated on the history of Cuba through the ultimate collection of posters by the owner, who still was in love with the ideals of Che (as am I oddly). I am not a snob; I swear, but I have something about original art. Some people may say that this is exclusive, or excluding of only allowing one person, access to the hearth of my 'art heart'. I see it as a one off galactic explosion of possibility and should it be replicated; devalues the intent of the original.

Is Art Egalitarian?

The access to it should be, but what of the ownership, I am from an older generation where ownership was everything, whereas now; instant access is everything. Do I need to change my perception?...probably. I am steeped in the idea of a journey to art. I am willing to expose the fraud of my past beliefs, if guided by the most erudite judge.

My table is made of items collected in Bhutan, Nepal, Cairo, Bali, Ireland and Mexico. It’s the first time I have ever brought them all together and divided them into my artificial classification. It felt naked and raw but oddly right. The pieces trusted me. Looking at an original newspaper from the Gironde in France from 1853 and well preserved prints from 1860 begs a question....can art beget and amplify younger or less old art?

Can the baton of age transcend the judgement of its original purpose?

How wild is it to take a piece of art 177 years old and add it to a contemporary piece of art. Are art and souls ageless in their interpretation? Damned if I know!

But that’s ok with with you? 🙏

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